Robert Bodor on digital fabrication

The O’Reilly Hardware Podcast: Software intelligence in the manufacturing process.

By Jon Bruner and David Cranor
November 10, 2015
The Iron Rolling Mill (Modern Cyclopes) The Iron Rolling Mill (Modern Cyclopes) (source: Google Art Project on Wikimedia Commons)

In this episode of the Solid Podcast, David Cranor and I talk with Robert Bodor, vice president and general manager for the Americas at Proto Labs, a rapid-prototyping service that’s been able to digitize large parts of the fabrication process.

Discussion points:

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Learn more
  • Proto Labs’ contribution to the Pop-Up Factory at the Solid 2015 conference
  • How Proto Labs infused software into the injection molding process, enabling 24-hour turnaround on tooling
  • 3D printing vs. injection molding (that old battle)
  • Parts of the process that defy automation
  • The pros and cons of in-house prototyping

Other things mentioned in this episode:

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