Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Industry

Perspectives from Leading Practitioners

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Industry

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The growth of businesses centered on artificial intelligence and machine learning make it clear: automation will fundamentally reshape industry and society. But this will only happen after a broader sweep and scrutiny of AI and its economic, social, and political influence, from scholars and policymakers alike.

This report adds to this discussion through interviews with the entrepreneurs and executives on the front lines of AI, machine learning, and industry. Among the interviews:

  • Michael Osborne explores the coming effects of automation, based on his work as Dyson Associate Professor in Machine Learning at Oxford
  • Arjun Singh, cofounder and CEO of Gradescope, talks about AI in education with "Helping Students Learn with Machine Learning"
  • Jake Heller, founder and CEO of Casetext, takes us on a tour of machine learning and the law in "The Future of Legal Practice"
  • Aaron Kimball, CTO of Zymergen, illuminates the hidden world of "Intelligent Microbes" and their commercial use
  • Bryce Meredig, Chief Science Officer of Citrine Informatics, describes ways to apply machine learning for inventing new materials in "The Periodic Table as Training Data"
  • Erik Andrejko discusses his work at The Climate Corporation and the role machine learning plays in farming and agriculture

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David Beyer

David is an investor with Amplify Partners, an early-stage VC focused on the next generation of infrastructure IT, data and information security companies. He began his career in technology as the co-founder and CEO of, a pioneering provider of cloud-based data visualization and analytics. He was subsequently part of the founding team at Patients Know Best, one of the world's leading cloud-based Personal Health Record (PHR) companies.