Release 2.0: Issue 4

Release 2.0: Issue 4

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This issue's theme is Information Visualization--the art of displaying complex data to increase understanding and improve decisions. It examines the state of Information Visualization, how it got here, and where it might be going, and presents compelling stories of Information Visualization at work.

Articles include:

  • Information Visualization: The State of the Art
  • The Implications of Visual Literacy: An Annotated Guide to getting what you see
  • What I've learned from My Brain: 10 years inside an information visualization program
  • Improving the Interoperability of Online Visualizations: Notes towards the next generation of mashups
  • Visualizing Foreward: The four pathes information visualization is leading us down and where they might lead
  • Still Tomorrow's Technology: Information Visualization is Great, or it will be, if it ever comes
  • Caution: Low Visability - Does anyone remember words?
  • Also, Vista Perception Critical Update: Microsoft's new operating system is a bust the pundits say / wish. Dont believe 'em.

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Jimmy Guterman

Jimmy Guterman

is president of the Vineyard Group, Inc. and publisher of Media Unspun.