2013 Data Science Salary Survey

Tools, Trends, What Pays (and What Doesn't) for Data Professionals

2013 Data Science Salary Survey

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What tools do successful data scientists and analysts use, and how much money do they make? We surveyed hundreds of attendees at the O'Reilly Strata Conferences in Santa Clara, California and New York to understand.

Findings from the survey include:

  • Average number of tools and median income for all respondents
  • Distribution of responses by age, location, industry, and position
  • Detailed analysis of tools used by respondents and correlation to their salaries - including by tool clusters (Hadoop, SQL/Excel, and other)
  • Correlation of specialized big data tools usage and salary

What tools should you be learning and using? Read this valuable report to gain insight from these potentially career-changing findings.

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Roger Magoulas

Roger Magoulas

Roger Magoulas is the director of market research at O'Reilly Media. Magoulas runs a team that is building an open source analysis infrastucture and provides analysis services, including technology trend analysis, to business decision-makers at O'Reilly and beyond. In previous incarnations, Magoulas designed and implemented data warehouse projects for organizations ranging from the San Francisco Opera to the Alberta Motor Club.

John King

John King is a data analyst at O'Reilly Media. Having previously worked on survey-based sociolinguistic research in the Republic of Georgia, he now runs surveys at O'Reilly, using the results not just for internal use but also to share his findings with the public.