The Internet of Things Market

A Data-Driven Analysis of Companies Developing and Adopting IoT Technology

The Internet of Things Market

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After years of speculation, the Internet of Things appears ready for genuine action in 2017. That’s the conclusion of a unique data-driven analysis—conducted by Aman Naimat, SVP for Technology at Demandbase—that shows precisely which industries and companies are actively adopting IoT technologies. This report reveals the study’s findings, including IoT use cases not anticipated by previous models and surveys.

Naimat gathered live data across the entire business world, including websites, meetups, hiring patterns, business relationships, blogs, press, forums, and SEC filings, using data crawlers and proprietary natural-language parsing technology. The results show that IoT spending is currently focused on relatively simple use cases such as security, retail, and inventory, while more complex healthcare and traffic control initiatives remain in their infancy.

This report reflects the most accurate snapshot of what IoT will look like in 2017. You’ll learn about:

  • Factors driving IoT growth, from platform support and availability of professional talent to real-time data/analytics support
  • The top 50 companies in the IoT space, starting with Deloitte, Verizon, Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft
  • IoT investment by industry, including capital spent on various use cases
  • The size and location of companies involved in IoT adoption
  • The methodology used in the data-driven analysis
The author conducted similar surveys in 2016 on the adoption of big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

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Aman Naimat

Aman Naimat is the SVP Technology for Demandbase where he is working on creating the first Artificial Intelligence account-based marketing platform. Aman was previously co-founder and CTO of Spiderbook, a data-driven sales engine. Before Spiderbook, he was the co-founder of TopCorner, a platform for Open Government. Aman has been building CRM systems since he was 19. He also founded and worked in various startups in search, trading systems, and enterprise software. Aman was the architect for the Oracle CRM Applications. He was the Director of Special Projects for the CEO's office at Oracle and Senior Director of Product Management in the Oracle Database Group.
Aman earned a MS in Computer Science with research focused on natural language processing from Stanford. He also has a Master's degree in Public Policy from Stanford and was a Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has a number of patents and scientific publications on Information Retrieval, CRM, and Databases.