Four Short Links
Four Short Links
  1. Tetris on a Flip-Disc Display (YouTube) -- the update click is ridiculously satisfying. (via BoingBoing)
  2. Agnotology and Epistemological Fragmentation (danah boyd) -- In 1995, Robert Proctor and Iain Boal coined the term “agnotology” to describe the strategic and purposeful production of ignorance. [...] there’s an increasing number of people who are propagating conspiracy theories or simply asking questions as a way of enabling and magnifying white supremacy. This is agnotology at work. Fascinating in the details of how the misinformers do their work online.
  3. Reverse Engineering a Xinjiang Police Mass Surveillance App (Human Rights Watch) -- discovering the data (online) saved by the surveillance system. TechCrunch even shows the tables.
  4. TCP/IP Over Amazon Cloudwatch Logs -- Running in a standard Go process, Richard Linklayer tunnels IP packets over Amazon Cloudwatch Log Streams that follow a special naming convention — the stream and log group names are just MAC addresses. A cute hack.
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