Four short links
Four short links
  1. Possible Premium Firefox Coming (ZDNet) -- an interesting approach for Firefox, but I'd pay for something as good as Chrome that didn't have the mixed incentives for developers.
  2. Graph Processing on FPGAs: Taxonomy, Survey, Challenges -- Our survey describes and categorizes existing schemes and explains key ideas. Finally, we discuss research and engineering challenges to outline the future of graph computations on FPGAs.
  3. Decision Disagreement Framework: How We Encourage Disagreements at Matter -- we couldn’t find a framework for handling and supporting disagreements after decisions have been made, especially if you weren’t a part of making that decision. We took inspiration from existing frameworks to create the Decision Disagreement Framework.
  4. Understanding the Online Safety and Privacy Challenges Faced by South Asian Women -- This post, after providing a short background, covers the following topics: Device privacy challenges: This section outlines the privacy challenges faced by South Asian women when using their smartphones; Online safety challenges: Highlights the risks and abuse faced by South Asian women when using online services; Design considerations to promote gender equity: When building products, features that mitigate the risks would help to improve the safety of South Asian women. Ethnographic study that's super useful for systems designers who aren't South Asian women.
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