Four short links
Four short links
  1. Lessons Learned Building Natural Language Processing Systems in Health Care -- The next mistake I made, like many others, was building models that “solve health care.” Amazon’s Comprehend Medical is now taking this approach with a universal medical-NLP-as-a-service. This assumes that health care is one language. In reality, every sub-specialty and form of communication is fundamentally different.
  2. Obergefell v. Hodges: The Database Engineering Perspective -- discussion of the database implications of same-sex marriage. But the more interesting thing is that you just incidentally let in a whole bunch of edge cases. Up until now, it wasn't possible for an individual to marry themself. Now it is, and you need a new check constraint to ensure that partner_1_id and partner_2_id are different. Regardless of concerns about duplicate rows/couples remarrying, you also now have to contend with swapped partners: Alice marries Eve, and also Eve marries Alice, resulting in two rows recording the same marriage.
  3. Apple Maps Flyover Reverse Enginering -- This is an attempt to reverse-engineer Flyover (= 3D satellite mode) from Apple Maps. The main goal is to document the results and to provide code that emerges.
  4. -- The best articles for science lovers shortened to five bullet points or less. At first, I was sniffy at the "five bullet points," but then I realized my modal amount retained from reading science articles is 0, so...
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