Four short links
Four short links
  1. First Person Adventure via Mario Maker (Vice) -- the remarkable “3D Maze House (P59-698-55G)” by creator ねぎちん somehow manages to credibly re-create the experience of playing a first-person (!!) adventure game like Wizardy, something Nintendo cleary never intended.
  2. Measurable Counterfactual Local Explanations for Any Classifier -- generates w-counterfactual explanations that state minimum changes necessary to flip a prediction’s classification [and ...] builds local regression models, using the w-counterfactuals to measure and improve the fidelity of its regressions. Making AI "explain itself" is useful and hard; this seems like an interesting step forward.
  3. Student Evaluation of Teaching Ratings and Student Learning are Not Related (Science Direct) -- Students do not learn more from professors with higher student evaluation of teaching (SET) ratings. [...] New meta-analyses of multisection studies show that SET ratings are unrelated to student learning. (via Sciblogs)
  4. Apparent Gender-Based Discrimination in the Display of STEM Career Ads -- women disproportionately click on job ads, so bidding algorithms charge more to advertisers to show to women, so men see more job ads. (via Ethan Molick)
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