Four short links
Four short links
  1. Influential Security Papers -- a ranking of top-cited papers from the area of computer security. The ranking is automatically created based on citations of papers published at top security conferences.
  2. Aristo -- Allen Institute app that reads, learns, and reasons about science.
  3. Automated Planning and Acting -- book and slides. This book is about methods and techniques that a computational agent can use for deliberative planning and acting, that is, for deciding both which actions to perform and how to perform them, to achieve some objective.
  4. Notes on Everything is F*cked -- Sanjay Srivastava posted a syllabus for a course called Everything is Fucked. The course itself is intended as a joke, but the reading list seemed interesting. These notes on the reading list papers are a great romp through the reproducibility crisis, p-hacking, and the multiplicity of ways your science can be wrong.
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