Four short links.
Four short links.
  1. 3D-Printed Self-Folding Electronics -- Here, we demonstrate a method for spontaneous folding of three-dimensional (3D)-printed composites with embedded electronics at room temperature. The composite is printed using a multimaterial 3D-printing process with no external processing steps. Upon peeling from the print platform, the composite self-shapes itself using the residual forces resulting from polymer swelling during the layer-by-layer fabrication process. As a specific example, electrochromic elements are printed within the composite and can be electrically controlled through its folded legs.
  2. WaPo Deploys Mozilla's Comments System -- Mozilla has a whole group working on better tools for digital journalism.
  3. A Field Guide to Observability - when you don't have observability, you can't tell the difference between normal and abnormal. Nice.
  4. Allen NLP -- an open source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
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