Four short links
Four short links
  1. Facebook is Not a Monopoly, But Should Be Broken Up (Wired) -- Demand monopsonists integrate horizontally, acquiring or copying user demand adjacent to their existing demand and gaining leverage over their suppliers (and advertisers, if that’s the model). Facebook is unlikely to ever own a media production company, just as Airbnb and Uber will not soon own a hotel or a physical taxi company. But if they can, they’ll own every square foot of demand that feeds those industries. (via Cory Doctorow)
  2. Debugging Neural Networks -- 1. Start simple; 2. Confirm your loss; 3. Check intermediate outputs and connections; 4. Diagnose parameters; 5. Tracking your work.
  3. A Peek into the Future of Wearables (IEEE) -- Mind reading glasses, goggles that erase chronic pain, a wristband that can hear what the wearer can’t, and more futuristic wearables are on the horizon.
  4. Event Audio -- I wrote up a guide for event organizers to providing microphones so all the speakers can give their best performance.
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