Four short links
Four short links
  1. Open Source Confronts Its Midlife Crisis (Bryan Cantrill) -- To be clear, the underlying problem is not the licensing, it’s that these companies don’t know how to make money—they want open source to be its own business model, and seeing that the cloud service providers have an entirely viable business model, they want a piece of the action. Also see Bryan's followup: A EULA in FOSS Clothing: You will notice that this looks nothing like any traditional source-based license—but it is exactly the kind of boilerplate that you find on EULAs, terms-of-service agreements, and other contracts that are being rammed down your throat.
  2. A Computer of One's Own -- fantastic precis of the work of significant women in computing history.
  3. Serverlessness (Tim Bray) -- Tim works in AWS's Serverless group and has been collecting what he's learned in his years building serverless infrastructure.
  4. Why We Suck at Solving Wicked Problems -- this rings true with my experience.
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