Four short links
Four short links
  1. pushb -- like pushd/popd, but for git branches. See also "How to Teach Git," Rachel Carmena's visual explanation of the mental models of directories that will help new git users.
  2. The Route of a Text Message (Scott Weingart) -- a single text message: how it was typed, stored, sent, received, and displayed. I sprinkle in some history and context to break up the alphabet soup of protocols, but though the piece gets technical, it should all be easily understood.
  3. The Market-Shaping Forces of Capitalism (Mariana Mazzucato) -- YouTube video of her first lecture on the "Rethinking Capitalism" undergraduate module at UCL. Tim's a big fan of her work.
  4. nuclear -- describes itself as "Popcorn Time for music," but far more interesting for this fantastic line: highly polarized opinions about languages and frameworks are characteristic of people who lack real-world programming experience and are more interested in building an identity than creating computer programs.
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