Four Short Links
Four Short Links
  1. Howey Coins -- SEC made their own fake ICO site to illustrate the dangers of unregulated offerings. When you click through to buy, you get their information page.
  2. Graphene-Based Sensor that Feels As a Human Does -- The device detects changes in electrical conductance and resistance through the graphene film when the film is deformed. [...] The graphene film responds to deformations in just 1–2ms, which Park says is much faster than any other piezo-resistive material. [...] Park and his team incorporate their graphene film onto an artificial fingerprint structure so the film reacts to tiny vibrations caused by the ridges on the fingerprint rubbing against a textured surface. Analysing these vibration signals allows the sensor to “feel” differently textured fabrics.[...] After learning the features of known fabrics, the sensor was able to extrapolate this knowledge and significantly outperform humans when classifying 12 new fabrics – scoring 99% compared to 58% in a blind test of 50 people.
  3. ClassicKit -- a collection of classic-style UI components for iOS.
  4. MonoPerfCap -- the first marker-less approach for temporally coherent 3D performance capture of a human with general clothing from monocular video.
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