Four short links
Four short links
  1. Needs Your Support -- keep the Wayback Machine and ongoing archiving work going.
  2. Chalk Dust -- a magazine for the mathematically curious.
  3. New Model Warns About CRISPR Drives in the Wild -- could be used to create so-called gene drives to eliminate or control unwanted species. Experts debating the wisdom or perils of that approach have often reached very different answers. A new paper being published today makes a case that caution is warranted. Using computer modeling, it suggests that in at least some forms, the drives may be more invasive than previously suggested. The paper is harder going than this article about it. The conclusion is stark: Contrary to the National Academies report on gene drive, our results suggest that standard drive systems should not be developed nor field-tested in regions harboring the host organism.
  4. Frontiers for Young Minds -- a non-profit scientific journal written by scientists and peer-reviewed by kids. For the young nerds in your life.
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