Four short links
Four short links
  1. Model Governance and Model Operations -- models built or tuned for specific applications (in reality, this means models + data) will need to be managed and protected.
  2. Bodies in Seats -- the story of Facebook's 30,000 content moderators: contractors, low pay (as little as $28,800 a year), and a lot of PTSD for everyone. "Nobody’s prepared to see a little girl have her organs taken out while she’s still alive and screaming.” Moderators were told they had to watch at least 15 to 30 seconds of each video.
  3. Dialog -- a domain-specific language for creating works of interactive fiction. Inspired by Inform and Prolog, they say.
  4. End-User Probabilistic Programming -- We examine the sources of uncertainty actually encountered by spreadsheet users, and their coping mechanisms, via an interview study. We examine spreadsheet-based interfaces and technology to help reason under uncertainty, via probabilistic and other means. We show how uncertain values can propagate uncertainty through spreadsheets, and how sheet-defined functions can be applied to handle uncertainty. Hence, we draw conclusions about the promise and limitations of probabilistic programming for end-users.
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