Four short links.
Four short links.
  1. TimescaleDB -- an open source time series database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. Fully compatible with Postgres.
  2. Managing an Open Source Project (Daniel Bachhuber) -- always interesting to see how open source maintainers manage their time and the flow of demands on it.
  3. Tom Coates on Conversational Devices -- podcast with Mr. Coates from Thington, talking about seamfulness, semantics, and the complexity of the scenarios of your home. If you disaggregate what people say they want, it gets more complicated—which leads into a thoughtful and restrained discussion of why "I just want the lights to come on when I move in my bedroom" might not be welcome if implemented in a straightforward fashion.
  4. Google Glass's Second Life in Manufacturing -- With Google Glass, she scans the serial number on the part she's working on. This brings up manuals, photos, or videos she may need. She can tap the side of headset or say "OK Glass" and use voice commands to leave notes for the next shift worker. Because your shift manager doesn't call you a "Glasshole" if you use it to do your job.
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