Four short links
Four short links
  1. Understanding the Maths is Crucial for Protecting Privacy -- Using only publicly available information, we have been able to decrypt the service provider ID numbers in the 10% sample of Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) published recently at the Federal Government’s website. Poorly anonymized data.
  2. Age-Targeting Job Ads (ProPublica) -- Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn all offered age filters for you to target with your job ads, which may be illegal. (If you only advertise your position to people under 40, then those over 50 never get to apply)
  3. The Social Dynamics of Open Data (PDF) -- papers from the Open Data Research Symposium.
  4. Entering the Public Domain in 2018 -- Siegried Sassoon (WWI poet), Magritte ("ceci n'est pas un pipe"), Arthur Ransome (Swallows and Amazons), John Masefield ("I must go down to the sea today, the lonely sea and the sky"), Che Guevara, and Alice B Toklas are the standouts. Hoorah for the public domain!
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