Four short links
Four short links
  1. Applying Programming Language Research Ideas to Transform Spreadsheets (Microsoft) -- an Excel cell can now contain a first-class record, linked to external data sources. And ordinary Excel formulas can now compute array values, that “spill” into adjacent cells (dynamic arrays). There is more to come: we have a working version of full, higher-order, lexically scoped lambdas (and let-expressions) in Excel’s formula language and we are prototyping sheet-defined functions and full nesting of array values.
  2. Darkstar: A Xerox Star Emulator -- this blog post describes the journey of building the emulator for this historic system. From the good folks at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle.
  3. AI for Social Good Impact Challenge -- $25M pool, $500K-$2M for 1-3 years. If you are selected to receive a grant, the standard grant agreement will require any intellectual property created with grant funding from Google be made available for free to the public under a permissive open source license.
  4. Decidim -- free open source participatory democracy for cities and organizations.
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