Four short links
Four short links
  1. Software-Defined Memory in Warehouse-Scale Computers (ACM) -- when you're Google, you invent new types of memory. In this case, a cheaper, but slower, "far memory" that is slower than DRAM but faster than Flash. Of course you do!
  2. ZetaSQL -- Google's SQL parser and analyzer. Cf Apache Calcite. (via Hacker News)
  3. Wolfram Engine -- a locally downloadable Wolfram Engine to put computational intelligence into your applications. The Free Wolfram Engine for Developers is available for pre-production software development.
  4. Love Your Job? Someone May be Taking Advantage of You (Duke) -- people see it as more acceptable to make passionate employees do extra, unpaid, and more demeaning work than they did for employees without the same passion. Which goes some way to explaining why I've found passion to be strongly correlated with burnout.
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