Four short links
Four short links
  1. Decision-making Under Stress -- Under acute (short-lived, high-intensity) stress, we focus on short-term rapid responses at the expense of complex thinking. Application to startup culture left as exercise to the reader.
  2. DéjàVu: A Map of Code Duplicates on GitHub -- This paper analyzes a corpus of 4.5 million non-fork projects hosted on GitHub, representing over 482 million files written in Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript. We found that this corpus has a mere 85 million unique files. (via Paper a Day)
  3. NIST Guidance on Application Container Security -- This bulletin offers an overview of application container technology and its most notable security challenges. It starts by explaining basic application container concepts and the typical application container technology architecture, including how that architecture relates to the container life cycle. Next, the article examines how the immutable nature of containers further affects security. The last portion of the article discusses potential countermeasures that may help to improve the security of application container implementations and usage.
  4. Modern Media Is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will -- What’s happened is, really rapidly, we’ve undergone this tectonic shift, this inversion between information and attention. Most of the systems that we have in society—whether it’s news, advertising, even our legal systems—still assume an environment of information scarcity. THIS.
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