Four short links
Four short links
  1. Users Want Control is a Shrug (Ian Bicking) -- Making the claim “users want control” is the same as saying you don’t know what users want, you don’t know what is good, and you don’t know what their goals are.
  2. Language Support on Glitch: A List --a write-up of getting languages running in the Glitch environment. (via Simon Willison)
  3. Ant Media Server -- open source streaming media server, supports RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC, and Adaptive Bitrate. It can also record videos in MP4, HLS, and FLV.
  4. CRISPR Gene-editing Creates Wave of Exotic Model Organisms (Nature) -- Biologists have embraced CRISPR’s ability to quickly and cheaply modify the genomes of popular model organisms, such as mice, fruit flies, and monkeys. Now they are trying the tool on more-exotic species, many of which have never been reared in a lab or had their genomes analyzed. “We finally are ready to start expanding what we call a model organism,” says Tessa Montague, a molecular biologist at Columbia University in New York City.
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