Four short links
Four short links
  1. Scheduling Notebooks -- we’re currently in the process of migrating all 10,000 of the scheduled jobs running on the Netflix Data Platform to use notebook-based execution.
  2. Fusion: A Collaborative Robotic Telepresence Parasite That Lives on Your Back -- I'm in favor of any telepresence system that lets me remotely punch people.
  3. 100 Days of ML Code -- tutorials, open sourced.
  4. Fact Sheet for AI (IBM) -- Fairness, safety, reliability, explainability, robustness, accountability—we all agree they are critical. Yet, to achieve trust in AI, making progress on these issues will not be enough; it must be accompanied by the ability to measure and communicate the performance levels of a system on each of these dimensions. One way to accomplish this would be to provide such information via SDoCs or factsheets for AI services.
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