Four short links
Four short links
  1. Dell's Neurodiversity Program -- excellent work from Dell making themselves an attractive destination for folks on the autistic spectrum.
  2. Reprogrammable Molecular Computing System (Caltech) -- The researchers were able to experimentally demonstrate 6-bit molecular algorithms for a diverse set of tasks. In mathematics, their circuits tested inputs to assess if they were multiples of three, performed equality checks, and counted to 63. Other circuits drew "pictures" on the DNA "scarves," such as a zigzag, a double helix, and irregularly spaced diamonds. Probabilistic behaviors were also demonstrated, including random walks as well as a clever algorithm (originally developed by computer pioneer John von Neumann) for obtaining a fair 50/50 random choice from a biased coin. Paper.
  3. Dataforge UUCP -- it's like Cory Doctorow guestwrote our timeline: UUCP over SSH to give decentralized comms for freedom fighters.
  4. Go for Industrial Programming (Peter Bourgon) -- I’m speaking today about programming in an industrial context. By that I mean: in a startup or corporate environment; within a team where engineers come and go; on code that outlives any single engineer; and serving highly mutable business requirements. [...] I’ve tried to select for areas that have routinely tripped up new and intermediate Gophers in organizations I’ve been a part of, and particularly those things that may have nonobvious or subtle implications. (via ceej)
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