Four short links
Four short links
  1. Disinformation’s Spread: Bots, Trolls, and All of Us (Kate Starbird) -- a short and on-the-mark summary of misconceptions about disinformation.
  2. The Unsexy Threat to Our Election Security (Krebs) -- surprisingly low-tech threats (SIM stealing, hijacking a Twitter account) that could bugger up elections.
  3. Quantum Supremacy is Coming (Quanta) -- "supremacy" is marketing hype. Quantum computers will still be useless for a while to come. "Supremacy" refers to conquering errors and noise enough to make a system that can use quantum phenomenon to do in parallel what classical computers must do in serial—even if it's only on a toy problem.
  4. How I Started Pineapple Day (Andrew Lee) -- “That’s not a real thing,” James retorted with an eyeroll as he set his bag down and sat down at his desk. “Sure it is,” I insisted, and to back my claim up I pulled up Google Calendar and added “International Bring Your Pineapple to Work Day” to our shared company calendar. I set the event to repeat every year on June 27th. Have a great weekend!
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