Four short links
Four short links
  1. FMTYEWTK About Home-Made License Plate Readers -- this chap, horrified by an $86M government project, built a prototype in 57 lines of code. He talks here about the shortcomings of the prototype, and along the way you learn a lot about ALPR, Automated License Plate Recognition. So if $1 million gets you to 80% accuracy, and maybe $10 million gets you to 90% accuracy—when do you stop spending?
  2. Speech Recognition Is Not Solved -- The recent improvements on conversational speech are astounding. But, the claims about human-level performance are too broad. Below are a few of the areas that still need improvement.
  3. Social Proof -- five principles of social proof: 1. Avoid negative social proof; 2. Combine social proof with authority; 3. Combine social proof with scarcity; 4. Social proof works best with similar people; 5. Boost social proof with user-generated content.
  4. Engineering Growth Frameworks -- Documentation for Medium’s professional growth framework. Super useful for engineering organizations that don't yet have their own.
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