Four short links
Four short links
  1. Photovoltaic Growth: Reality vs. Projections of the International Energy Agency -- that graph.
  2. Digital Rights in Australia -- three aims: to assess the evolving citizen uses of digital platforms, and associated digital rights and responsibilities in Australia and Asia, identifying key dynamics and issues of voice, participation, marginalization and exclusion; to develop a framework for establishing the rights and legitimate expectations that platform stakeholders—particularly everyday users—should enjoy and the responsibilities they may bear; to identify the best models for governance arrangements for digital platforms and for using these environments as social resources in political, social, and cultural change.
  3. Unit Testing Doesn’t Affect Codebases the Way You Would Think -- nice approach to checking hypotheses like "unit testing results in fewer lines of code per method," with results (it doesn't).
  4. Capabilities for Open Source Innovation (Allison Randal) -- Over the past decade, I’ve been researching open source and technology innovation, partly through employment at multiple different companies that engage in open source, and partly through academic work toward completing a Master’s degree and soon starting a Ph.D. The heart of this research is looking into what makes companies successful at open source and also at technology innovation. It turns out there are actually many things in common between the two.
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