Four Short Links
Four Short Links
  1. Quirk -- a drag-and-drop quantum circuit simulator. (via Hacker News)
  2. Site Reliability Workbook -- how to implement SRE at your org, available online for free until August 23 or always from Amazon.
  3. Blood Bowl: The Next Board Game Challenge for AI -- At first sight, the game ought to be approachable by numerous game-playing algorithms. However, as all pieces on the board belonging to a player can be moved several times each turn, the turn-wise branching factor becomes overwhelming for traditional algorithms. Additionally, scoring points in the game is rare and difficult, which makes it hard to design heuristics for search algorithms or apply reinforcement learning.
  4. How We Redesigned Dropbox for Rapid Mobile Work -- You’re no longer designing to extend engagement or keep customers in the app. Rather, you’re helping people get in and out and done. Please, more design for this goal.
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