Four short links
Four short links
  1. ART: Abstraction Refinement-Guided Training for Provably Correct Neural Networks -- provably correct neural networks—now there's an interesting idea...
  2. Tracking Sex: The Implications of Widespread Sexual Data Leakage and Tracking on Porn Websites -- Our analysis of 22,484 pornography websites indicated that 93% leak user data to a third party. Tracking on these sites is highly concentrated by a handful of major companies, which we identify. We successfully extracted privacy policies for 3,856 sites, 17% of the total. The policies were written such that one might need a two-year college education to understand them. Our content analysis of the sample's domains indicated 44.97% of them expose or suggest a specific gender/sexual identity or interest likely to be linked to the user.
  3. Algebra, Topology, Differential Calculus, and Optimization Theory For Computer Science and Machine Learning -- a 1,962-page LaTeX book which some wag listed as Math Basics for CS and ML on Hacker News.
  4. Open Source Xenophobia Classifier for Tweets -- source is a Colab notebook, and they make their labeled training data available, too.
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