Four short links
Four short links
  1. Privacy International's Data Interception Environment -- an emulator + MITM networking so you can spy on what apps are saying.
  2. Jess -- an open source rules engine from Sandia. Jess uses an enhanced version of the Rete algorithm to process rules. Rete is a very efficient mechanism for solving the difficult many-to-many matching problem. [...] Jess has many unique features, including backward chaining and working memory queries, and of course Jess can directly manipulate and reason about Java objects. Jess is also a powerful Java scripting environment, from which you can create Java objects, call Java methods, and implement Java interfaces without compiling any Java code.
  3. Creative Commons Search Engine -- finally a good search for CC-licensed images.
  4. Pronounce Like a Polyglot: A Guide to Saying Foreign Names (NPR) -- pronouncing someone's name correctly is a basic respect that you should accord them. Failure to do so will make everything else harder. ("Foreign" here is from an American perspective.)
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