Four short links
Four short links
  1. Why Ratings and Feedback Forms Don't Work (The Atlantic) -- Negative feedback is actually good feedback because it yields greater efficiency and performance. [...] Positive feedback, by contrast, causes the system to keep going, unchecked. Like a thermostat that registers the room as too warm and cranks up the furnace, it’s generally meant to be avoided. But today’s understanding of feedback has reversed those terms.
  2. How to Recognize Fake AI-Generated Images -- worth remembering that researchers are in a war with these kinds of heuristics because if "straight hair looks like paint," then a researcher can get a paper out of fixing that.
  3. Teaching and Learning with Jupyter -- open about Jupyter and its use in teaching and learning.
  4. Multiplayer -- code with friends in the same editor, execute programs in the same interpreter, interact with the same terminal, chat in the IDE, edit files and share the same system resources, and ship applications from the same interface.
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