Four short links
Four short links
  1. Inside the Dystopian Reality of China's Livestreaming Craze -- Livestreaming exacts a huge mental toll on the people who do it. It’s easy money, but also toxic. Overeggs the dystopia (all interaction is a performance, professional interaction no less so), but is still a quick precis of where livestreaming is at in China. As for the toxic money, just ask Justin Kan.
  2. Screens, Teens, and Psychological Well-Being: Evidence From Three Time-Use-Diary Studies -- We found little evidence for substantial negative associations between digital-screen engagement—measured throughout the day or particularly before bedtime—and adolescent well-being.
  3. The Golden Age of YouTube is Over (The Verge) -- By promoting videos that meet certain criteria, YouTube tips the scales in favor of organizations or creators—big ones, mostly—that can meet those standards. My favorite part is where YouTube refers to the people who made it popular as our endemic creators, a phrase that'd make Orwell stabbier than usual.
  4. Inclusive Scientific Meetings -- This document presents some concrete recommendations for how to incorporate inclusion and equity practices into scientific meetings, from the ground up. This document includes three sections: planning the meeting; during the meeting; and assessing the meeting. A great cheatsheet that applies to non-science meetings, too.
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