Four short links
Four short links
  1. Solving Public Problems With Data -- an introduction to data science and data analytical thinking in the public interest. Online lecture series. Beth Noveck gives one of them. (via The Gov Lab)
  2. Quantum Algorithms: An Overview -- Here we briefly survey some known quantum algorithms, with an emphasis on a broad overview of their applications rather than their technical details. We include a discussion of recent developments and near-term applications of quantum algorithms. (via A Paper A Day)
  3. X11's Network Transparency is Largely a Failure -- Basic X clients that use X properties for everything may be genuinely network transparent, but there are very few of those left these days.
  4. How to Become a Centaur -- When you create a Human+AI team, the hard part isn’t the "AI". It isn’t even the “Human”. It’s the “+”. Interesting history and current state of human and AI systems. (via Tom Stafford)
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