Four short links
Four short links
  1. Round Up: Ethics and Skepticism -- There are a whole lot of different ways to misunderstand or be duped by data. This is my round up of good links that illustrate some of the most common problems with relying on data. Real-world examples. (via Elizabeth Goodman)
  2. oss-contributors -- Adobe's s/w for measuring companies' contributions to GitHub, released as open source natch. The BigQuery table is also open. (via Fil Maj)
  3. -- inspect the visual footprint of automatically generated text. It enables a forensic analysis of how likely an automatic system generated text. (via @harvardnlp and Miles Brundage)
  4. Protocells use DNA Logic to Communicate and Compute (Bristol) -- a new approach called BIO-PC (Biomolecular Implementation Of Protocell communication) based on communities of semi-permeable capsules (proteinosomes) containing a diversity of DNA logic gates that together can be used for molecular sensing and computation.
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