"I'm particularly intrigued at the moment by being able to model language. That's something where I think we can't yet imagine the ultimate applications of these things, but it starts to make things that previously would have seemed impossible possible, things like automated novel writing, poetry, things that we would like to argue are purely human creative enterprises. It starts to make them seem like something we may one day be able to automate, which I'm personally very excited about. The impact question is a really good one, and I think it is not one technology that will have that impact. It's the same reason we're starting to see all these different AI products pop up. It's the ensemble of all of the techniques that are falling under this umbrella together that is going to have that kind of impact and enable applications like the Google Photos App, which is my favorite AI product, or self-driving cars or things like Amazon's Alexa, but actually smarter. That's a collection of different techniques."—Hilary Mason



Article image: Mandelbrot set. (source: Binette228 on Wikimedia Commons).