Intelligent Bits.
Intelligent Bits.
  1. Facebook fighting extremism with AI — “The problem, as usual, is determining what is extremist, and what isn’t, and it goes further than just jihadists,” he said. “Are they just talking about ISIS and Al Qaeda, or are they going to go further to deal with white nationalism and neo-Nazi movements?”
  2. AI is big business — Element AI raises a whopping $102 million to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots of AI.
  3. “Intuitive physics” — DeepMind claims progress towards AI with a better sense of context and “intuitive physics” via relational reasoning and visual prediction, but obstacles to human-like intelligence remain.
  4. Alternative schema — While deep reinforcement learning (DRL) is all the rage right now, some organizations like Vicarious have taken alternative approaches such as their Schema Networks, which have outperformed some DRL nets albeit with some debate and controversy.
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