Intelligent Bits.
Intelligent Bits.
  1. CycleGAN -- A new paper and accompanying open source code show off the creative potential of deep neural networks. Transfigure horses into zebras and apples into oranges, or turn a wintery scene into summery one.
  2. AI black boxes -- Recently, debates have flared again about the ability to interpret how deep learning works. Some question how well we can control and use things we don't understand. Others, like Albert Wenger, make the point that many technologies make positive and powerful impacts without us fully understanding them.
  3. Robots delivering food -- Marble has announced a partnership with Yelp to debut its food delivering robots. Order online at select restaurants and a robo-cart will bring your meal. Do we still tip?
  4. Are ideas getting harder to find? -- Amidst the recent attention to automation and productivity, researchers from Stanford question if productivity has been driven too much by brute force and not enough by exploring wholly new ideas (PDF).
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