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This June in San Jose, CA, the O’Reilly Fluent and Velocity conferences are teaming up to create a unique learning opportunity that addresses the full web experience—from development and performance to operations and resilience. Whether you work on the systems that keep modern businesses running or the websites that attract and retain customers (or both!), you'll get the most critical, up–to–the–minute knowledge from O’Reilly’s network of experts.

With the Fluent + Velocity Super Bronze add-on pass, you will have access to both conferences—all keynotes, all sessions, all events, and unlimited networking. Regardless of your title—from SRE to JavaScript developer—you will have maximum flexibility to attend any session at either conference as you navigate the tech that you need to do your job. It’s not just about the latest framework or how fast your page loads, but how together we can build a better web and more resilient systems focused on accessibility, security, and performance.

To be an effective full-stack technologist, you’ll want to attend both Fluent and Velocity. Here are two possible “choose your own adventure” pathways for navigating both conferences: the first will appeal to front end web developers and the second is geared toward engineering team leads.

A Fluent / Velocity path for a senior front end web developer

A Fluent / Velocity path for an engineering team lead

We look forward to seeing you in San Jose, CA, at Fluent and Velocity this June. You’ll leave with new ideas, proven best practices, and an expanded network of peers and innovators to help you tackle your next project and advance your career.

Article image: Yin yang (source: Freestock.ca).