O'Reilly's Mac Slocum speaks with Marcus Blankenship, author, trainer, and consultant at MarcusBlankenship.com. They discuss:

The biggest problems engineers face as they move into management, and the one piece of advice he'd give an engineer who is about to become a manager. (0:10)

How long it takes an engineer to feel comfortable as a manager. (1:28)

Is there a stigma of going "back to the code" if you feel management is the wrong path? (3:12)

Why organizations promote people for the wrong reasons. (4:35)

An overview of the "Leader-Member Exchange Theory" and feedback culture. (6:13)

Why one-on-one meetings work and how to get real feedback. (10:10)

The people and projects Blankenship is following. (13:10)

Article image: Tangle of wires (source: Biedermann via Pixabay).