Dutch windmills, Holland, circa 1905.
Dutch windmills, Holland, circa 1905. (source: Library of Congress on Wikimedia Commons)

In this episode of the O’Reilly Hardware Podcast, Brian Jepson and I speak with Mike Vladimer, co-founder of the Orange IoT Studio at Orange Silicon Valley. Vladimer discusses how Internet of Things devices could benefit from connectivity options other than those provided by well-known technologies (including cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth), and explains the LoRa wireless protocol, which supports long-range and lower-power applications.

Vladimer describes the studio’s quickstart project, in which engineers can send data over LoRa, and talks about a project in which Orange works with Sutro to use LoRa (rather than WiFi)  to power Sutro’s connected device that monitors water quality in swimming pools.

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