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Pan Am L-049 Constellation at London

Toward the Jet Age of machine learning

Solving the challenges of efficiency, automation, and safety will require cooperation between researchers and engineers spanning both academia and industry.

Stone wall

It's time to rebuild the web

The web was never supposed to be a few walled gardens of concentrated content owned by a few major publishers; it was supposed to be a cacophony of different sites and voices.

Image from "Nostrums and quackery," from "The Journal of the American Medical Association," 1914

Do no harm

In the software world, we’re often ignorant of the harms we do because we don’t understand what we’re working with.

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Inclusivity for the greater good

Ajey Gore explains why GO-JEK is focusing its attention beyond urban Indonesia to help people across the country’s rural areas.

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Differentiating via data science

Eric Colson explains why companies must now think very differently about the role and placement of data science in organizations.

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What separates the clouds?

William Vambenepe walks through an interesting use case of machine learning in action and discusses the central role AI will play in big data analysis moving forward.

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Google web search screenshot

Lessons in Google search data

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz explains how to use Google searches to uncover behaviors or attitudes that may be hidden from traditional surveys.

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Data science in the cloud

Alex Smola shares lessons learned from AWS SageMaker, an integrated framework for handling all stages of analysis.