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Capillary waves.

Making AI transparent

The O'Reilly Podcast: Andy Hickl on sources of bias in artificial intelligence—and how to address them.

"Science & Invention," by John Augustus Walker, 1935; photographed by Carol M. Highsmith.

Using AI to create new jobs

Tim O’Reilly delves into past technological transitions, speculates on the possibilities of AI, and looks at what's keeping us from making the right choices to govern our creations.


Bots in society

Lili Cheng provides insights into the planning and release of Microsoft's bot, Tay.

Elevator, Berlin.

Deep learning at scale and use cases

Naveen Rao outlines deep learning challenges and explores how changes to the organization of computation and communication can lead to advances in capabilities.

Road closed.

Obstacles to progress in AI

Significant progress in AI will require breakthroughs in unsupervised/predictive learning, as well as in reasoning, attention, and episodic memory.

Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon National Park.

Thor’s hammer

Jim McHugh shares real-world examples of companies solving problems once thought unsolvable.

"States of Mind III: Those Who Stay," Umberto Boccioni, 1911.

Why AI needs emotion

Rana El Kaliouby explores why emotion in AI is critical to accelerating adoption of AI systems.

Photograph of mural "Transportation of the Mail," by Alfredo de Giorgio Crimi, 1937.

Why we'll never run out of jobs

Tim O’Reilly explains why we can’t just use technology to replace people; we must use it to augment them so they can do things that were previously impossible.

Artificial intelligence.

Age of intelligence

Qi Lu explores data-model intelligence, the Bing Knowledge Graph, the Microsoft Graph, and Cortana SDKs.


AI and medicine

In this O’Reilly report, you’ll explore the potential of—and impediments to—widespread adoption of AI in the medical field.