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Brown bear tracks, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

Bringing AI into the wild

Mary Beth Ainsworth offers an overview of SAS deep learning and computer vision capabilities that help map wildlife and scale conservation efforts around the world.

Pan Am L-049 Constellation at London

Toward the Jet Age of machine learning

Solving the challenges of efficiency, automation, and safety will require cooperation between researchers and engineers spanning both academia and industry.


Introducing capsule networks

How CapsNets can overcome some shortcomings of CNNs, including requiring less training data, preserving image details, and handling ambiguity.


Distributed TensorFlow

Reduce both experimentation time and training time for neural networks by using many GPU servers.

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Detail, Detroit Industry Murals by Diego Rivera, at the DIA

Our Skynet moment

Tim O'Reilly says the algorithms that shape our economy must be rewritten if we want to create a more human-centered future.