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Future of the Firm

Future of the firm

Mapping the complex forces that are reshaping organizations and changing the employee/employer relationship.

Pitching your IoT project

Getting corporate buy-in for an IoT project requires a much different pitch than one for a typical new product or technology buy. This report delivers practical advice for preparing a compelling IoT pitch to CxO-level execs.

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J. Peress' 1-atm dive suit, Tritonia, explored the Lusitania wreck in 1935. Jim Jarrett was Peress's chief diver and made this dive to 312 feet. This suit was a precursor to the "Jim" suit, named for Jim Jarrett.

Manage your boss

In this video training segment, Dr. Adam Grant chats with authors Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina about understanding your boss and offers tips and tricks to manage up.

City at night

Smart cities, smarter citizens

Companies are looking to transform major cities through advanced computer technologies and citizens need to play a large role in turning cities into smart, livable environments.