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Results of the United States presidential election, 2012.

Data and Democracy

This report explores how political data science helps to drive everything from overall strategy and messaging to individual voter contacts and advertising.

Eye exam (no. 2).

Connected eyes

Will machine learning give us better eyesight? Joseph Sirosh offers a surprising story about how machine learning, population data, and the cloud are coming together to reimagine eye care in India.

Sky reflection.

Hadoop in the cloud: A Nielsen use case

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly and Nielsen Global CTO James Powell discuss the dynamics of Hadoop in the cloud, what to consider at the start of the journey, and how to implement a solution that delivers flexibility and meets enterprise requirements.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory showing the wide range of the Sun's wavelengths.

The new dynamics of big data

Mike Olson discusses the new dynamics of big data and how a renewed approach focused on where, who, and why can lead to cutting edge solutions.

Strong foundation.

Modern analytics with Dell EMC

With your most precious commodity, data, increasing at an alarming rate, it is essential that it be a component to your deepest insights.