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The assembly plant of the Bell Aircraft Corporation at Wheatfield, New York.

Industrial machine learning

Joshua Bloom explains why the real revolution will happen—in improved and saved lives—when machine learning automation is coupled with industrial data.

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What color am I, series 03, scott richard

Technology for humanity

Steve Leonard explores how Singapore is bringing together ambitious and capable people to build technology that can solve the world’s toughest challenges.

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Snow leopards

Will AI help save the snow leopard?

Joseph Sirosh shares a story about a volunteer’s dilemma, an engineer’s ingenuity, and how AI, cloud, data, and devices came together to save snow leopards.

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The real project of AI ethics

Joanna Bryson says AI's main threat is not that it will do anything to us, but that we'll use it to predict and manipulate our behaviors.

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Your data is being manipulated

danah boyd explores how systems are being gamed, how data is vulnerable, and what we need to do to build technical antibodies.

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Police Line Do Not Cross

White collar crime risk zones

Sam Lavigne offers an overview of White Collar Crime Risk Zones, a predictive policing application that predicts financial crime at the city-block level.

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Music, the window into your soul

Ever wondered how Spotify seems to know what you want? Christine Hung shares how Spotify uses data and algorithms to improve user experience and drive business.

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Evening sky

Journey to consolidation

Cesar Delgado joins Mike Olson to show how Apple is using its big data stack and expertise to solve non-data problems.