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Every industry and every organization will have to transform itself in the next few years, in multiple ways, or fade away.

Thomas Jefferson statue

What’d I miss?

Tim O'Reilly reflects on the stories from 2017 that played out after he finished writing his new book.

The first prototype de Havilland DH106 Comet at Hatfield, 1949.

Media in the age of algorithms

The problem of fake news and bad sites trying to game the system is an industry-wide problem — companies should share data and best practices in the effort to combat it.

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Will bots replace lawyers?

Joshua Browder has been working to replace exploitative lawyers—mainly the ones charging hundreds of dollars for copying and pasting documents—with chatbots.

Tim O'Reilly, James Manyika, and Reid Hoffman at Next:Economy 2016.

Highlights from Next:Economy 2016

At Next:Economy 2016, business leaders, policy makers, and technologists charted a course from the economy we experience today to an economy that brings prosperity to all.

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Funding the creative economy

Jack Conte, musician and co-founder of Patreon, talks about crowdsourced patronage and how it's providing steady income for creative professionals.

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Different types of currency

Making a market in status

James Nord of Fohr Card shows us how the reputation gained through social media gets traded or converted into cash.

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How Jeff Smith built an agile culture at IBM

Since he was tapped as IBM’s CIO in 2014, Jeff Smith has been playing a second key role: transforming IBM’s software development culture to one that mirrors the Agile approach that characterizes today’s Silicon Valley startups.

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Is it time for a universal basic income?

Natalie Foster of the Aspen Institute hosts a conversation with Andy Stern, author of Raising the Floor, and Elizabeth Rhodes, who is heading up Y Combinator’s new universal basic income experiments.

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Building efficient marketplaces for services

Liquid marketplaces are a big part of the future of work, and Thumbtack founder and CEO Marco Zappacosta has gone after an often invisible sector that is essential to the functioning of modern society.

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Literate and illiterate world population, 1800 to 2014

Our world in data

Graphs and maps from Max Roser’s Our World in Data have become a fixture on social media and in thoughtful conversations around the world. Roser reminds us that if we play our cards right, the future is still bright.

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The Human Company Manifesto

Sara Holoubek's Human Company Manifesto is one of the seminal documents of the Next Economy. She outlines its tenets in this talk.

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Creating a culture of learning

Tim O’Reilly, Laura Baldwin, and Jake Schwartz discuss advances in just-in-time corporate education and how companies and their staffs can keep up with the pace of change.

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Digital VT100

Bots in the enterprise

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs building bot companies demonstrate their bots and show you how you can use them to empower your staff.

Tim O'Reilly's Alexa, his Nexus 6P, and his kettle. It's his kitchen's attack on the cell phone OS.

What should Alexa do?

The success of the Amazon Echo’s speech interface shows there's an opportunity for someone to build a completely new mobile operating system.

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Tim O'Reilly: How smart managers should use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn't just about replacing humans with computers; the best managers will find ways to use AI to augment their workers. In this video, a compilation of clips from the O'Reilly Next:Economy Summit 2015, Tim O'Reilly talks with AI leaders who see an essential role for humans in the AI-enabled world.

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Mural detail, "Mail Transportation" — San Pedro Post Office, San Pedro, California, circa 1935.

GE's digital transformation

Jeff Immelt on GE’s investments in big data, brilliant factories, and the industrial Internet, and the role of humans in the industrial economy of the 21st century.

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San Francisco, New Year's Eve

Choice bits from Next:Economy 2015, Day 1

The Next:Economy Summit was packed with explorations of “What’s the future of business and work?” Take a look at this short compilation of some of our favorite moments from the first day.