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Every industry and every organization will have to transform itself in the next few years, in multiple ways, or fade away.

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Auto Dump

Will Planned Obsolescence Kill Silicon Valley?

From Solid Conference 2015: In Detroit’s heyday, automotive manufacturers built generations of vehicles with intentionally limited lifespans to encourage new vehicle purchases on a regular basis. In today’s world of connected hardware, leading vendors like Apple are pursuing similar strategies based on rapid obsolescence.

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The Post Office

The Internet of Things and Humans

The network, new data capabilities, and mobile devices rich in sensors have created fresh and unconventional possibilities to rethink workflows and processes in the real world.

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Crossing the Assiniboine

By People, For People

The failure of was a textbook DevOps (or rather, lack of DevOps) case study. But it’s part of a wider pattern that reminds us that people should be at the heart of everything we build. In fact, getting the “people” part right is the key both to DevOps and great user experience design.

Masai Mara Stampede

How I failed

A candid post about some of the things that kept me, my employees, and our company from achieving our full potential.