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Illustration of connections

Building artificial connectomes

Artificial connectomes have the potential to teach behavior into a system without the need to remove behavior from established animal connectomes.

Seaweed in water

A biotech wave at SXSW

Have a biotech topic you want to discuss at South by Southwest? Submissions for the 2017 event are due by July 22, 2016.

Boat lift in Germany

Stop the DRM virus

The original lament that consumers would destroy the industries that brought them culture has been replaced by the desire most industries have to control their customers.

Bento Lab. Press image used with permission.

Lab in a box

Bento Bioworks wants to free DIYbio enthusiasts up to spend time on projects, not scouring the Internet for used equipment.

Contrail and tree

IndieBio demo day

The second annual IndieBio Demo Day had a feeling reminiscent of Silicon Valley in the late 1970s.

Science fair

Building with biology

If a civically-minded synthetic biologist wants to engage with the public, where do they start?

Overgrown wall of Pudu Prison.

Do one thing…

I don't want barely distinguishable tools that are mediocre at everything; I want tools that do one thing and do it well.